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After driving to Barcelona from the castle, we ditched our rental car at the airport and took the train into town. Within minutes of arriving at the train station someone tried to pick Randy’s pocket! Luckily we had been warned that pickpockets were a problem in Barcelona and had taken the necessary precautions. Once we realized that Barcelona has both trains and a metro and we were looking at two separate maps we didn’t have any trouble navigating to our hotel.

Our hotel was located right on La Ramblas, a major pedestrian thoroughfare where one can purchase everything from tourist trinkets to live chickens.

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Right off of La Ramblas is a huge, very cool market called La Boqueria. Live seafood, mysterious unidentifiable fruits, skinned goat heads – they had everything.

We also did the Gaudí tour and saw lots of…interesting buildings.

Casa Battlo

Casa Mila (aka La Pedrera)

Gaudí used lots of mosaic tiles

We also walked around Park Güell and walked past Palau Güell.

Across La Ramblas from our hotel was the Barri Gòtic (old Gothic Quarter).

This was a very cool area to wander around. Lots of narrow alleys leading to hidden plaças (plazas), gorgeous buildings and cool shops. Shops in Spain open much later than we were used to (around 10:30 or 11:00 am) and in the smaller cities they also close between 2-4 pm. They are open much later than shops in England, though.

Barcelona Photos