On Saturday we took a drive up to Masham in Wensleydale to see the Masham Sheep Fair.

We stopped on the way at the Cover Bridge Inn, a CAMRA award winning pub near Masham. In addition to the Theakston’s offerings, they also had Blue Moon on tap. Add another one to the list of things-you-don’t-expect-to-see in England.

The sheep fair itself was lots of fun. There were so many different kinds of sheep.

After wandering around the pens for a while we headed over to the field behind the church for some more excitement.

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Sheep racing is a pretty intense sport. You could place bets on which sheep you thought would win, with a third of the takings going to charity. The group next to us had put £5 on green, Lamb-borgini. The race took a thrilling turn when the green sheep started running back towards the start. Luckily the “jockeys” got him straightened out and he took first place!

We then watched an exhibition of sheep dog skills in which the dog’s job was to herd some ducks through an obstacle course.

After all that excitement we were in need of some refreshments, so it was quite convenient that Theakston’s was handing out vouchers for a free half pint of their best bitter. We wandered over to the brewery and sampled their wares.

We will definitely be returning to Masham in the future, since we haven’t yet taken the tours of Theakston’s or Black Sheep Brewery.

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