After three and a half years we finally made it to Deutschland!

Day 1

On our first full day we headed out to see our 43rd World Heritage Site, the Maulbronn Monastery Complex. It was about an hour drive away. It was snowing pretty heavily so we couldn’t drive too fast on the autobahn, but it was still a very easy drive.

Once there, we got our tickets to the monastery and walked around the complex. The snow was very pretty.

The monastery is a world heritage site because it is considered “the most complete and best-preserved medieval monastic complex north of the Alps.”

Compared to all of the monasteries that we have been to, this was one in pretty good shape.

We spent about an hour in the monastery then we headed to lunch at a bakery that served sandwiches. It had a nice atmosphere and a baby changing station. We also got to use the German-style high chairs which Neil really liked.

During lunch we also wrote Neil his second postcard. We were excited when we found a World Heritage stamp.

After lunch we went back to the monastery complex. At this point it has stopped snowing and was starting to warm up a little.

That night Neil got to play with the other babies at our friends house. Neil’s favorite toy was the bus.

Day 2

The next day we went to the Bebenhausen Schloss und Kloster (Palace and Monastery). The palace was used by the monarchy in the 19th century. It was a relatively new palace but they imported a lot of old things to give it palace cred.

They also liked to hunt a lot so there were a lot of dead animal bits.

Next we had a quick lunch then toured the monastery. Since this was our second monastery in two days we were becoming experts (not really). This monastery was unique because it’s the first monastery that we’ve been to where you get to see the dormitory.

At that point we were exhausted and called it a night.

Day 3

For our final full day we drove to Heidelberg. The touristy parts of Heidelberg consists of a castle on top of the hill and an old town at the bottom.

We parked at the top, near the castle, got our tickets and then took the funicular to the old town for lunch.

Walking around it was a bit chilly, but overall it was a very nice sunny day. The old town has some cool old architecture and nice views of the castle.

We stopped at two places to eat. The first place was for a snack and to give Neil a break from being in the carrier. The second place was to get a traditional German lunch of sausage, schnitzel and beer 🙂
First meal:

Second meal:

After lunch we headed back up the hill to see the castle. Our first stop in the castle was in the wine cellar. They had the largest wine barrel that we’ve ever seen. It was so large they build a dance floor on the top.

After leaving the wine cellar we went to the pharmacy museum. There was a pretty lengthy collection of old pharmaceuticals. Pretty much anything exotic was considered medicinal.

We decided not to tour the inside of the castle (we’ve seen enough castles), so we walked around the grounds for a while.

That was the end of the touristy part of our trip. We had a great time and wonderful hosts. We hope to be back!

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