Continuing our Belgian adventures, we left Brugge and headed towards Ghent. Ghent was much cooler than we were expecting, and we were disappointed that we didn’t have more time to spend exploring it.

The historic center of Ghent has another Belfry, part of the Belfries of Belgium and France World Heritage site. It is in a cluster of historic buildings in the city center and adjacent to the rather unusual Market Hall.

Feeling a bit pecking, we stopped at a cute little cafe for some coffee and waffles.

We then walked to the begijnhof/beguinage of Our-Lady Ter Hooyen just outside the city center. It was a very peaceful place, with a large central square surrounded by charming row houses. Neil practiced his walking on the paths.

After walking back to the town center we tracked down the most amazing frites (fries) of our entire trip.

Unfortunately at this point we had to hit the road and continue on so that we could make it to Brussels before bed time.

The next morning we made our way into the city center and headed towards La Grand-Place (number 49). There was a jazz festival set up in the square that blocked some of our views.

Near La Grand-Place is the famous peeing statue, Manneken Pis. He was so little! Neil wasn’t impressed.

Manneken Pis is often dressed in costumes, and there is a museum in La Grand-Place with many of the costumes on display. There were ethnic costumes from many countries, a hockey uniform, and even a cosmonaut suit. All of them specially tailored to allow Manneken Pis to keep…pissing.

Later in the day we paid a visit to the Belgian Comic Strip Center. It had a good bit of Tintin stuff, but a large portion of the museum featured Belgian comics we weren’t familiar with. We still had a good time. Doesn’t Tintin look like Neil?

The next day we left Brussels and headed south to the Four Lifts on the Canal du Centre. We had perfect weather for a short hike along the canal.

We stopped for lunch in the beautiful square in Tournai. There we feasted on ice cream and baguettes. We tried two types of baguette – one with cured ham, brie, and honey. The other was tuna and…peaches. Sounds strange but it was delicious!

After lunch we stopped by the Cathedral. It was undergoing extensive renovations and you couldn’t really see the inside.

Since it was Memorial Day, we felt that a visit to the Flanders Fields American Cemetery would be a fitting end to our trip. The cemetery was very peaceful with beautiful flowers. We missed the Memorial Day ceremony that was held that morning, but the wreaths were still on display and each grave was decorated with a Belgian and an American flag.

After our last stop we drove back to the ferry. We spent the last night on the ferry before returning home. To top off the trip, we saw all of this on just one tank of gas. Go Aygo!

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