After leaving Vienna we traveled by rail to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

We arrived in the late afternoon and took a bus from the train station to the old town. After getting settled into our hotel (and finding the room keys that Neil had very helpful put in the trash can) we set out exploring.

Bratislava’s old town area is pretty compact, so we quickly learned the layout as we wandered around trying to get Neil to fall asleep in the stroller so mom and dad could eat a quiet dinner. He finally fell asleep once we gave up on that plan. So it all worked out in the end.

The next morning we went exploring a little further afield, wandering towards the castle. We passed some interesting street art and said hello to the Danube river.

The castle is situated atop a hill overlooking the old town and the river. As far as touristy castles go, it wasn’t that interesting. But the views were amazing.

We spent the afternoon shopping and relaxing in the old town. Neil loved splashing in a drinking fountain and walking around like a big boy.

During afternoon nap we got to sit in the shade and people watch while enjoying the local beer.

Neil loved experiencing Bratislava. In addition to his favorite fountain, a nice lady gave us a balloon (which was fun until the balloon popped) and the main square had cow bells that children could play with.

At dinner Neil demonstrated his newest skill – blowing raspberries!

The next morning we said goodbye to the amazing summer sunshine and headed back to England. We only had a short time in Bratislava, but we were very impressed by what a beautiful, vibrant city it was.

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