On the way up to Orkney we spent the night in Edinburgh and visited the zoo. We weren’t sure if Neil would “get it”, but he figured it out quickly and then was very excited to see the animals.

The zoo is famous for its daily penguin parade, where the zoo keepers open the doors to the penguin enclosure and let the penguins waddle out for a lap around the area. Five penguins decided they wanted a wander on the day we were there.

One of the best parts of the day was the monkey house. The windows were very low and Neil could stand face to face with some little monkeys!

He thought the rhinoceroses (rhinoceri?) were fascinating. They were very close to the viewing platform.

It was a great day! We loved seeing the meerkats, rhinos, monkeys, and penguins the best!

Stay tuned for the rest of our trip!