We took a quick weekend trip down to Nottingham to cheer on some friends running the Nottingham Marathon.

Just outside of Nottingham is Sherwood Forest. We happened to visit while the forest was hosting re-enactors from various time periods in the forest’s history. The time periods ranged from the Romans to the 1980s. At times it felt a bit like we were in a Ye Olde Monty Python sketch.

Sherwood Forest is home to the Major Oak, an 800 year old tree. Legend has it that Robin Hood and his Merry Men camped beneath it.

The next day we visited Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, one of the pubs staking a claim to the oldest inn in England. A brewhouse has existed there since 1189!

We sat along the route and cheered for all the marathon runners. We saw the winners of the marathon race past several minutes ahead of the next fastest runners.

At the base of the cliffs that the castle sits on there is a little park. It was a gorgeous autumn day, so we played in the leaves for a while.

It was a short but fun trip!

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