We went on a walk from the town of Ripley to the city of Ripon. Using modern technology we tracked the route and put it on google maps.

We also tracked our elevation. It was mostly flat.

We lucked out with the weather. It was in the mid-60s and only a little rain.

Unlike most of the walks, instead of sheep we found cows.

Eventually we ended up at the Ripon Cathedral. Here is the group, expect for Randy who is taking the picture.

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We’ve been slackers and have fallen behind on blog posts. Now that we have the internet again there are really no excuses.

A few weekends ago we had a friend visiting (first visitor!) and we went for a 9 mile hike near Bolton Abbey. Lots of sheep, some abbey ruins…sounds like a typical hike in these parts 🙂

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We were busy this weekend!

Saturday we drove up to Thirsk, aka “Darrowby”, the real-life home of James Herriot. It was a grey, wet day, but we hoped for a break in the rain. We arrived in time to catch the Saturday market, so we bought some vegetables and got soaking wet. After dropping our produce back at the car, we headed to the actual veterinary surgery where James Herriot (real name Alf Wight) practiced. It is now a museum devoted to the author’s life and the history of veterinary medicine.

The real veterinary surgery (not the one used for the TV show)

On the way home we swung by the Kilburn White Horse, a hill figure that is, surprisingly enough, a white horse.

This is how it is supposed to look.

This is how it actually looked. It needs to be rechalked after our snowy winter.

But then we found ÂŁ1 in the mud (for real, not just to make the story better)

Sunday the weather was much nicer, so we took advantage of it by going on a walk near Swinsty Reservoir. We accidentally did the walk backwards, but it was still good.

Pretty footbridge

We saw *lots* of sheep and some little baby lambs

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Happy Boxing Day!

We finally got our driveway cleared and to celebrate we drove to Follifoot for a walk. It was a beautiful winter day to be out.

Crimple Beck

Today we took advantage of the not-raining weather and did our first walk from my book of walks. We walked from Spofforth Castle down through the village of Sicklinghall and back. Total walking distance: 4.6 miles.

Spofforth Castle

Sarah made a friend

We should have worn our wellies

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